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  • Vianney Vunabandi

Republic of Rwanda

During my childhood I dreamed to become a pilot and not only that also wished to have skills that will enable me to helppeople in various ways. Do I ..? Yes, I have completed undergraduate program but..! By the time I started assessinguniversities in Asia, I was looking for a graduate school program that would raise my technology background whileexposing me to other vital areas of interest such as ICT for Development (ICT4D), Solving social problems through ICTsolutions and business management by applying Tankyu Practice, etc.
But for sure I won’t be pilot as I changed the career, however nevertheless my dream to help citizens is still on top priorityand I believe I will get to it through‘ Kobe Institute of Computing Graduate School of Information Technology’ as I amgaining knowledge. As Poverty remains a major concern for many developing countries as people do not have adequate educational and healthcare opportunities. Considering the role of ICT and education in poverty alleviation, I have decided to move to Japan to be a part of the‘ ICT Innovator Course’ at KIC. My greatest desire is to acquire ICT skills at the same time increase my knowledge of social issues to usher an era of fraternity, peace, prosperity and harmony in Rwanda.
I truly believe that KIC can help me achieve all my dreams― a p lace where I can grow and play to my strength.

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