< 8 /20 更新>兵庫県への4回目の「緊急事態宣言」発出に伴うお願い/< 8 /20 Update>Requests regarding the 4th “Declaration of State of Emergency” issued to Hyogo Prefecture


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1.適用期間:8月20日㈮から9月12日㈰ ※宣言の延長により、さらに延期される場合があります。





・月~土 10:00~17:00まで担当人員を減少して営業します。





















<自衛隊- 大阪 大規模接種会場案内>




研究科長 土田 雅之

事務局長 福原 敏雄

※新型コロナウイルス感染症に関する情報 https://web.pref.hyogo.lg.jp/


< 8 /20 更新>兵庫県への4回目の「緊急事態宣言」発出に伴うお願い(PDF)


Requests regarding the 4th “Declaration of State of Emergency” issued to Hyogo Prefecture

Dear students and faculty members at KIC,

A “State of Emergency” is declared for the 4th time in Hyogo Prefecture from August 20 to September 12.

On August 18th, more than 1,000 infected people were confirmed in the prefecture for the first time in a single day, surpassing 853 cases on the 17th to become the largest number ever, and the rapid spread of the infection has not been halted. As of August 17, the utilization rate of hospital beds and critical care beds in the prefecture reached 58.3% and 30.2%, respectively, and the utilization rate of overnight care facilities reached 54.0%. In addition, the number of people receiving treatment at home rose to 2,122.

The university also needs to take thorough measures to prevent further spread of the disease and ensure that no one is infected.

◇The university measures in response to the declaration of a state of emergency

1.Applicable period: From August 20 (Fri) to September 12 (Sun) ※The period may be further postponed due to the extension of the declaration.

2.The details are as follows.

Lectures, seminars

・In principle, it will be conducted online.

・However, it may be conducted in a classroom or laboratory at the discretion of the instructor. Please follow the instructor’s guidance.


・Open Mon-Sat 10:00-17:00 with a reduced number of staff.
・As the number of office staff will be reduced, please use non-contact methods such as email as much as possible for document applications. We will utilize the portal site and provide the online service so that people can apply for the documents and make inquiries without having to come to the university. (More details will be provided as soon as possible.)

Use of Facilities

・In principle, the facilities are not available for use.
・At the discretion of the faculty member, use of the facility is permitted for holding lectures and seminars, but permission must be obtained from the faculty member. The facility may be used from 9:15 am to 5:00 pm.

※Please inform the office if you are the faculty member in charge and planning to hold a lecture or seminar on campus.
・We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but the study space and library will not be available during this time.

◇Requests based on the message from Hyogo Prefecture

1.In principle, activities outside of the prefecture and activities that require overnight stays within the prefecture should not be conducted.

2.When conducting the activities within the prefecture, keep the following points in mind.

・Minimize the number of people traveling, with the minimum number of participants.

・Wear a mask during meetings, etc.

・Avoid contact at close range with flying droplets.

3.About Going out and eating/drinking

・Thoroughly refrain from unnecessary and unurgent outing and moving, including during the daytime.

・Do not drink alcohol in restaurants, on the street, or in parks.

・Avoid eating and drinking together, including drinking at home.

・Refrain from using facilities that do not have infection prevention measures in place.

・During conversations, use masks to prevent splashes.

4.About Vaccination。

・Please be proactive about vaccination.

<Kobe City Vaccination Information >


<Hyogo Prefecture Large Scale Vaccination Site Information >


<The Self-Defense Forces – Osaka – Large Scale Vaccination Site Information>


・The situation of vaccination varies depending on the area of residence, we expect you investigate and confirm it individually. However, Ms. Tanimoto or Ms. Toki, who are in charge of international student care, are ready to respond to your inquiries on this matter. (Contact email: ic@kic.ac.jp)

August 20, 2021

Kobe Institute of Computing

Masayuki Tsuchida, Graduate School Dean,

Toshio Fukuhara, Director of Secretariat

※Information on new coronavirus infections https://web.pref.hyogo.lg.jp/

< 8 /20 Update>Requests regarding the 4th Declaration of State of Emergency issued to Hyogo Prefecture(PDF)


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