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【6/28更新】【重要】「緊急事態宣言」解除に伴う本学の対応について<Attention >Regardingthe KIC’s response to the lifting of the Emergency Declaration



「緊急事態宣言」解除に伴う本学の対応について<6/28 更新>    *English follows Japanese

兵庫県への緊急事態宣言は6月20 日(日)をもって解除されました。これに伴う、本学の対応は下記の通りとします。学生、教職員に皆様は、引き続き感染拡大に十分な留意をした学業と生活をお願いします。

1.講義 原則オンラインで実施を継続します。

2245 リアルのみで、オンラインを実施しない授業(春2 期)
2245 Advanced Software Developments Wannous 教授、 Tue 1,2 時限
2297 IoT development Markon 教授、 Wed 4,5 時限(暫定)


(1)施設の施設利用は、月~土の9 時から17 時までとさせていただきます。
*事務局の窓口対応は、10 時から17 時です。





3. ワクチンの接種について

<自衛隊- 大阪 大規模接種会場案内>

2021 年6 月28 日
研究科⾧ 土田 雅之
事務局⾧ 福原 敏雄

※新型コロナウイルス感染症に関する情報 https://web.pref.hyogo.lg.jp/

210628<更新> 緊急事態宣言解除に伴う本学の対応について(PDF)


Regarding the KIC’s response to the lifting of the Emergency Declaration (Updated on June 28th,2021)

The declaration of a state of emergency in Hyogo Prefecture is lifted on June 20 (Sunday). In accordance with this,the KIC’s response is as follows. We would like to ask all students, faculty members and staff to continue to pay attention to the spread of the infection in your studies and daily lives.

◇Period of application of this measure
For the time being, until the following announcement is made

1. Lectures              In principle, lectures will continue to be conducted online.
(1) These two classes are face-to-face only, no online classes (Spring term2)
2245 Advanced Software Developments by Professor Wannous, Tue 1, 2 periods
2297 IoT development by Professor Markon, Wed 4, 5 periods (tentative)
(2) Please follow any other instructions given by your advisor or the instructor in charge of the class.

2. Use of Facilities

(1) Use of the facilities is 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. of Mon. through Sat.
*Reception work at the counter is from 10:00 to 17:00.
*Please do not use the facilities for non-essential purposes, as they are used mainly for classes that require students to attend in person and activities necessary for research. If you have any other reasons to use the facility, please consult the office.

(2) Library use (borrowing and returning books) will resume. Please avoid using the library when it is crowded.

(3) Certificate issuance will be available during the above hours.

(4) Please continue to fill in your name and temperature when you come to the school.

(5) When using the facilities, please make sure there is adequate ventilation. All windows and doors should be locked when all of you leave.

We do not plan to offer vaccinations at the university for now. However, preparations are underway to provide vaccinations at large-scale vaccination sites, so we recommend that you take advantage of this service.

<Hyogo Prefecture Large-scale Vaccination Site Information>
<SDF – Osaka Large-scale Vaccination Site Information>

June 28, 2021
Kobe Institute of Computing, Graduate School of Information Technology
Dean Tsuchida, Masayuki Director of Secretariat Fukuhara, Toshio

Information on new coronavirus infections

210628update: Regardingthe KIC’s response to the lifting of the Emergency Declaration(PDF)


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