本学における新型コロナウイルス感染症予防に対する取り組みについて / KIC's work on the prevention of COVID-19
新型コロナに負けずに頑張る学生を、「ふるさと納税」で応援! 「KOBE学生サポート 市内大学等応援助成」について




【English translation follows Japanese】



日時: 2020年8月4日(火) 日本時間11:00~12:30




11:00-11:10 マーケットプレースの説明とZoom分会でのピッチングの説明
11:10-11:30 プロジェクト ピッチ#1
11:35-11:55 プロジェクト ピッチ#2
12:00-12:20 プロジェクト ピッチ#3
12:20-12:30 投票及びコメント、Q&A
12:30 閉会







Invitation to participate as a judge for the ICT for Development Online Development Marketplace

Would you like to buy (judge) innovative digital transformation projects at an online development marketplace? The projects are formulated by the students of Kobe Institute of Computing (KIC) Graduate School’s innovator course to tackle pressing social challenges in both developing and developed countries.

Our student teams have developed three projects and will present/pitch their project idea on an online marketplace and we would like you to select the best project based on their pitches.

The Development Marketplace is an annual competitive award grant program which the World Bank has organized since 1998 to select innovative solutions to overcome social and economic challenges in developing countries and participants need to sell their projects in an open market place environment.

We are taking similar approach to practice selling projects in front of audiences (stakeholders) who will become the judges to decide the best project.

Date: August 4, 2020 Japan time 11:00-12:30
Language: English

Participants will be divided into 3 groups (approximately 20 people per group) and each group will receive a 15-minute intensive project pitch from our student teams in a virtual environment followed by Q&A from all three teams (each group will rotate to have chance to receive pitches from all three teams).

After all the pitches have been completed, the participants are urged to select the best project through online voting scheme.

11:00-11:10 Explanation of marketplace and branch meeting by Zoom
11:10-11:30 Project Pitch #1
11:35-11:55 Project Pitch #2
12:00-12::20 Project Pitch #3
12:20-12:30 Voting (for the best project), commentaries, and Q&A

*All proceeding will be conducted in English.

If you are interested to participate as a judge, kindly get free tickets to the event from Peatix. We will issue free tickets for 60 people (20 people in each group) on a first come first served basis.

*Ticket sales will start below.
July 31 (Fri)23:00 (Japan time) ~
July 31 (Fri)10:00 (Eastern Standard Time) ~



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