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Special lecture on “Autonomous Runway Independence” at KIC



A special lecture, titled “Autonomous Runway Independence”, was delivered by Mr Andrew Streett, the Vice President and Chief Scientist at Swift Engineering, CA, USA, at KIC on the 10th Nov. The welcome message was honoured by the Vice president of KIC Mr Kenji Fukuoka and he mentioned that the lecture would motivate the students to enhance their idea of areas in order to solve social issues in their own country by using ICT.
Swift Engineering is an innovative American engineering firm working on various products from racing cars to next-generation aviation and aerospace components. In this special lecture, Mr Andrew addressed the mainly three innovative products, UAS(Unmanned Aircraft System), UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), and VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing). Distinguishing from the drones, these products are manipulated automatically, take off vertically, transit horizontally and so forth. With a swappable 1kg to 25 kg payload capacity and a 2 to 15-hour flight endurance, depending on the product, they can make the remote operations faster, more inexpensively, safely and efficiently than any other currently available products in the market. Also, Mr Andrew talked about the application of these cutting-edge technologies into the existing and as-yet-unrecognized industries such as agriculture, mapping surveying, and surveillance.
After delivering his lecture to all of the attendants, Mr Andrew opened the floor for their questions in approximately 50 minutes. Since KIC has the core value that all of the students should be capable of tackling on social issues with the application of ICT and innovation and they are trained to do so through our graduate-level education, a lot of questions regarding the applications and their business model had been avidly asked from the floor. In this vigorous discussion, not only Mr Andrew but also Mr Rick Heise, the President and Chief Strategy Officer at Swift Engineering has been actively involved to answer the questions. It seemed like that all of the attendants in this lecture enjoyed the time and learned a lot from their innovative products.
At the end, Mr Hiro Matsushita the Chairman and CEO of the Swift Engineering made the ending remarks and showed his gratitude for their engagement in the active discussion.






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