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Special lecture by iSEC at KIC


A special lecture for students of the ICT professional course and ICT innovator course who wanted to attend, titled “Cybersecurity Industry & Working in Japan”, was held by Information Security Inc. (iSEC), at KIC on the February 7th, 2018.

Their head office is located in Kobe city, and branch office in Tokyo. iSEC provides security solutions, diagnostics and audits, transfer of server to virtual data center, recommendations of safe and reliable system operations, mainly to public offices. At this time, Mr. Adrian Oprea, Senior Security Engineer, and Miss. Emong Zheng, International Business, from iSEC visited KIC. They spoke on “Cybersecurity Industry & Working in Japan” in English.

Miss. Emong Zheng gave a presentation regarding basic knowledge about cybersecurity, social background of the security technology, and increasing demand in the future.

Mr. Adrian Oprea showed a demonstration on how to find a serious vulnerability through the UTM(Unified Threat Management) which is hardware that unites some security functions of Firewall, Web filtering and Antispam by utilizing a test program.

Finally those who are experienced in business spoke with humor about unique Japanese culture of “Nenko-joretsu”, “Nemawashi”, and “Nomikai” as useful little tidbits for working in Japan. Their story set off some laughter from students in the classroom. It was a good opportunity to learn about not only technical knowledge, but also Japanese society for students.

Mr. Fukuoka, Vice-president of KIC, was invited to "Ethiopia Investment Promotion Seminar in Kobe" as a facilitator


"Ethiopia Investment Promotion Seminar in Kobe" was held on February 6, 2018 under the auspices of the Kobe city government, JICA Kansai, Hyogo Kobe International Business Square, and Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Tokyo, Japan.

Mr. Fukuoka who is vice-president of Kobe Institute of Computing, Graduate School of Information Technology (KIC) was invited to facilitate the panel discussion in the seminar.

The seminar was held to inform Japanese companies which are considering expanding to Africa regarding new business and investment environments in Ethiopia where rapid economic growth has been continuing.

The delegation which was organized from officers of the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) and Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) were invited. They spoke on investment environment, business chances, status of development of Industrial Parks, contents of support service in industrial fields by JICA in Ethiopia, and services of encouraging medium-sized and small Japanese companies to advance overseas.

Nowadays, even in Kobe city, Mr. Hasen Keder Edris who graduated from our school, as a former Ethiopian national government employee, was appointed as an Africa-Kobe Liaison Officer by Kobe city government for encouraging companies in Kobe city to advance East Africa including Ethiopia. That means enthusiasm to advance Africa, especially Ethiopia, is growing with a focus on Kobe city. Mr. Fukuoka who is vice-president of KIC which is located in Kobe city was invited to be a facilitator of the panel discussion as a pioneer in the educational sector to advance Africa.

In this seminar, Investment in Ethiopia, where rapid economic growth has been continuing, was focused on. The participants in the reception room, a meeting place in the Kobe Industrial Promotion Center, were more than the available 70 seats, including our foreign students from Ethiopia. We could see the rising interest in Africa including Ethiopia.

After His Excellency Mr. Cham Ugala Uriat, Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, His Excellency Mr. Shinichi Saida, Embassy of Japan, and Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael, State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia gave opening addresses one by one, Mr. Teka Gebreyesus, Deputy Commissioner, Investment Division of EIC, gave a presentation regarding "Investment chance to Ethiopia", Mr. Shiferaw Solomon, Vise-president of IPDC gave presentation regarding "Industrial Parks in Ethiopia", and Mr. Tomita, Councilor of JICA Private Sector Development gave a presentation regarding "Support service in industrial field by JICA".

In the panel discussion during the latter half of the seminar which the Vice-president of KIC Mr. Fukuoka facilitated and welcomed 4 guests, Mr. Furukawa from Fukunaga Engineering Co Ltd, Mr. Uematsu from Phnom Penh SEZ Co Ltd, Mr. Hasen Keder Edris who graduated from our school, as an Africa-Kobe Liaison Officer from Kobe city government, and Mr. Zelalem the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. They spoke regarding "Expanding Investment from Japanese companies for Ethiopia". First they gave a presentation about what they are doing for the theme. After that they mentioned the potentials and problems of Ethiopia as a new development site. There are problems which internet access limitation could incur, and difficulty of distribution. However the panelists mentioned there are charms which are the honest national character, which have self-reliance and growth willingness, and reasonable price of electricity and land. Therefore Ethiopia is in the spotlight of many Japanese companies nowadays. Finally Mr. Hasen Keder Edris gave a strong comment that he tries to do his best for making a strong relationship to utilize ICT in the future between Kobe city, Ethiopia, and including Rwanda where is developing continually by ICT. He also mentioned that he spares no effort to supply information to companies which are considering to expand to Africa.

Dear Kobe city government, JICA Kansai, the participants and all persons involved in the seminar. Thank you very much for your assistance on that occasion.

Mr. Fukuoka, Vice-president of KIC, was invited to the symposium which was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


The symposium “Talking with Mr. Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs: Spreading the attraction of Hyogo to the world” which was held at Kobe University on July 23, 2017 under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Kobe University and Kobe Shimbun Co., Ltd are the cosponsors.

The meeting place which has 450 seats was full through many participants of the general public, stakeholders, and mass medias.

In the symposium, Mr. Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affair, gave a keynote talk about various efforts for connecting to local revitalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and future visions. After that, a panel discussion was held by 5 panelists. Mr. Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Shunsuke Takei, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Toshizo Ido, the Prefectural governor of Hyogo Prefecture, Ms. Kimiko Ito, Representative Director of Tashima Inc., and Mr. Kenji Fukuoka, Vice-president of KIC. Vice-president Mr. Fukuoka spoke about KIC policy and the project of industry-academia-government collaboration for development of human resources in the African business field. It received an enthusiastic response from the audience.

Many overseas students from KIC and Kobe University participated to the symposium. We took a commemorative photo around Mr. Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Bangladesh ODA Report Vol.3

We have already gotten good results in practice exams. ICT human resources development in Bangladesh.


The technical aid project in Bangladesh ‘’ICT Human Resources Development targeting Japanese Market’’ aims to develop ICT human resources and create an independent human develop cycle in Bangladesh. KIC has been entrusted it from JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

We are making efforts to increase the number of successful candidates of ITEE (Information Technology Engineers Examination) and are promoting turning this project into an official Bangladesh project. The processes such as on-site review, making a human resources development plan, creating original educational tools and lectures, have been steadily progressing in the last six months, and we have gotten good results in the practice exam conducted last month. 155 people, including those who be going to take ITEE in March, took the practice exam and 45 people made a passing mark. (Pass rate: 29%)

This is showing that we’ve already got a potential exceed the best record in Bangladesh. (10 times of the pass rate of the latest exam last October.) Yukinobu Miyamoto, a KIC associate professor is saying that it’s expected that over 100 people pass the next exam coming this March for the following reasons.

First, we already can count on 500 examinees for the next exam. Second, we already succeeded in motivating the trainees to follow to the study plan. Finally, the trainees have started to do the required learning with each other as an independent human resources development cycle. And he continues; ‘’If we achieve a great result in the next exam, it’ll be a big step towards a national project.’’ This project will be continued until October 2019, but it has shown great progress already. Thank you for your continuous attention in this project.

KIC has signed a MoU with Rwanda Ministry of ITC


KIC has signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Rwanda Ministry of ITC for creating a cooperative relationship in development of human resources and industries. Exchanging the MoU with Ministry officially is the first time and revolutionary for KIC.

Our signing ceremony for MoU was held in front of Mr. Kizo Hisamoto, Mayor of Kobe City, at Kobe City government office building on March 16th, 2018 after that Kobe City signed a MoU with the Rwanda Ministry of ITC. The MoU was signed between Mr. Kenji Fukuoka, Vice-President of KIC, and Mr. Jean de Dieu Rurangirwa, Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Information Technology & Communications, Minister.

Nowadays the national government in Rwanda is leading in becoming an ICT nation. There are some important issues which are investments from overseas, promotion of corporations advance to overseas, and additionally promotion of growing enterprises as well as ICT human resource in Rwanda, job creation including training for entrepreneurs.

KIC has been training students from Rwanda and sending them back as highly skilled ICT personnel or as entrepreneurs. As well as the achievement of "ICT Human Resource Development Project in Kigali, Rwanda" which is entrusted business from JICA since last October was highly evaluated. Therefore, this MoU has been signed.

The following day, 17th, Mr. Jean de Dieu Rurangirwa, Republic of the Rwanda Ministry of Information Technology & Communications, Minister, Ms. Irere Claudette, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Business Development Directorate, Director General, and Ms. Venetia Sebudandi, Ambassador of Rwanda to Japan, who participated in the signing ceremony for MoU, visited to KIC. They participated in a meeting with students from Rwanda as well as at a welcome event.

The final presentation was held in "Practice of Creativity Development"


The final presentation for solving problems from each of the groups of M1 students from the ICT innovator course as their achievements in "Practice of Creativity Development"* by Mr. Toshiki Sumitani, President of KIC, was held on April 3rd, 2018.

*"Practice of Creativity Development" is a lecture which trains and grows essential power of originality, ingenuity, and flexible thinking to find and solve problems. It has an "Active learning Style" which includes various methods regarding idea creation and ways of thinking. Omnibus style in which different guest lectures are invited through all 15 lessons is one of the unique features.

5 groups challenged the problems in which each group using KIC's original problem solution method "Tankyu Practice" obtained creative points of view or ways of thinking through the lecture as weapons. Finally all of groups gave presentations about their original solution methods for that issues. The presentation themes are as follows;

  • Group-A: Inadequate Transportation for Farmers to the Market
  • Group-B: Zamura Africa -Empowering Young Africa
  • Group-C: TCPC Solution for Japan Aging Issues
  • Group-D: Safe Tour
  • Group-E: Mental Health

Group-A gave a demonstration how stake holders who have relatives with agricultural product transportation issues like farmers, markets, and drivers can utilize the information a system which was developed as a mobile phone app for solving the physically or economically inefficient methods when farmers transport their products to market in Africa.

Group-E explained how to use an original diagnosis assistant tool by a skit of communication between the doctor and the potential patients of mental disorders or illnesses. They attracted audiences by realistic acting. Their approach which presented creatively not only what they want to present, but also how to present, was impressive.

After finishing all presentations, students discussed actively to focus with more reality regarding originality, sustainability, or user's human rights of suggested solutions from each group. Mr. Toshiki Sumitani mentioned "Each group's approached to issues by different concepts and various methods. It was so creative." as a conclusion to the class. There was a scene how a student's power was shown more by connected organically between the methods of idea creation and "Tankyu Practice".

Bangladesh ODA Report Vol.4

''Towards the realization of an independent ICT human resources develop system''


The technical cooperation project ''ICT Human Resources Development Targeting The Japan Market'' that KIC has been promoting, aims to create an independent ICT human resources development cycle in Bangladesh. As concrete activities, we are making an effort to increase the number of successful applicants for ITEE as an index of implementing Japan's ICT education system in Bangladesh, and we train Bengali trainers to disseminate the Japan ICT education method in Bangladesh.

Ever since the project started in last July, our activities such as on-site review, making a human resources development plan, creating original educational tools, lectures, practice exam for TEEE have been steadily progressing and on the 2 practice exams conducted in January and February, we've got results that the number of successful applicants and the passing rate greatly exceeded the record highs in Bangladesh.

This time, Mr. Miyamoto, KIC extraordinary associate professor made the fourth visit (Period: 23 February - 12 March) to conduct the following.

  1. Analysis and explanation of the result of the practice exam conducted in February.
  2. Training of Trainers (ToT): targeting 50 people that consist of university faculty members, business people, and government officials.
  3. An Intensive course for ITEE on 25 March.
  4. Lectures at specific companies and universities.

In particular, with the ''ToT'', we not only had lectures using the original texts, which are 250 pages in length and more detailed syllabus lecture notes, but also had ''the place for educational practice'' at the classes for the ITEE examinees for the prospective trainer candidates. We are heading steadily to the project's goal of creating an independent ICT human resources development system such as holding special training in Japan that aims to develop ''Master trainers'' who can lead Bangladesh ICT education in the summer. In addition, for ITEE conducted in Bangladesh on the 25 March, there were 562 applicants, that is unprecedented in the history of Bangladesh, and we're looking forward to seeing the results being announced at the end of April. Thank you for your continuous attention to KIC global activities.

The Japan Times reported on the success of a student who graduated from KIC


We have already reported what Mr. James Mmari, who graduated from the ICT innovator course at KIC last September, developed and released the app "Bongo Faster Beta Version" on the "Google Play" and "iTunes" app stores at end of the March, 2018, in cooperation with Studio Canbe Corp.

The Japan Times reported the story about the App development, practical applications, and marketing on May 15th, 2018.

Mr. James Mmari came to KIC in 2015 to study information systems under the African Business Education Initiative for Youth scholarship, or “ABE Initiative,” which is administered by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and is designed to foster young people who can contribute to Africa’s development by building bridges between African and Japanese private enterprises.

He belonged to the Dr. Markon Sandor Laboratory in KIC. He researched targeting for app development which can solve the problem of the BRT (public transportation that runs in bus lanes called Bus-Rapid-Transit) system which was established for promoting industry and relieving traffic congestion in recent years in Dar es Salaam, the largest city of Tanzania in East Africa.

The article by the Japan Times reported the following:

  • How the prototype App which was developed by Mr. James Mmari in KIC made a great step forward towards practical application and marketing through an unexpected encounter with Studio Canbe Corp.
  • The various features and advantages of the app "Bongo Faster", which can improve traffic condition in Dar es Salaam.
  • The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which is administering “ABE Initiative” has a high opinion of the story and the growing human resources of international students from KIC, as well as internship programs by Studio Canbe Corp connected to expanding overseas business of Japanese companies.

The app "Bongo Faster" provides route maps and timetables for buses that run in public lanes for exclusive use by the bus system on roads in Dar es Salaam with the aim of increasing the number of users.

The app also delivers info on current bus operations and allows users to send feedback to the operating company. That was highly regarded as it encouraged safe driving.

Additionally the Japan Times reported that Studio Canbe Corp and Mr. James Mmari are now in the final stages of negotiating with the Tanzanian government to equip Dar es Salaam buses with Global Positioning System tracking devices, which would allow "Bongo Faster" users to check the current locations of buses in real time.

Please do not miss the follow-up report.

To see the original article, please visit the Japan Times official link.

ICT Innovator course students visited “Nogyo (Agriculture) World” exhibition to research cutting-edge agricultural technologies. It was highly relevant to their research activities.


ICT Innovator course students along with teachers from KIC visited “Nogyo (Agriculture) World”, which is one of the largest general agriculture exhibitions in Western Japan at Intex-Osaka hall on May 5th, 2018.

In the ICT Innovator course, government-sponsored international students from developing countries learn at KIC. Some of them conduct research on themes of national level issues.

Among these, there are many students who conduct research on the themes of agricultural issues. They were very interested to see products, services, technologies, and systems which were all related to agriculture at the exhibition event.

There were exhibitions relevant not only to their research, but also to some students who are trying to solve problems in disaster prevention, healthcare, politics, and education without agriculture in terms of utilizing ICT. Some students took the initiative to ask questions to the exhibition staff.

It was good opportunity to obtain useful information for research activities in the future.

KIC exhibited at the event “078 (Zero Nana Hachi)”


The event “078 -Zero Nana Hachi-” which started since 2017 is a Cross-Media event that was realized and collaborated on by creaters, engineers, and citizens in the theme of music, movie, IT, food, fashion, kids, and anime for developing Kobe as an attractive city where young people can be active.

(For more detail, please visit this link *Japanese Only)

It was held at the Design Creative Center Kobe (KIITO) for 3 days from April 27th to 29th in its second year. There were colorful talk sessions, exhibitions, movies, and communications.

KIC exhibited a booth in collaboration with Kobe city. KIC, which has been accepting many international students from Africa, and Kobe city, which is moving on with economical exchanges between Japanese firms located in the Kansai area and growing markets like Africa, exhibited with the theme “Let’s get to know Africa”. Some of the international students from KIC also participated as volunteer staff to construct and maintain a Local Area Network at the event place.

KIC held a “KIC National Hour” in our booth by utilizing our characteristic of having many international students from various countries gather together. International students were form 6 different countries; Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Morocco, Ethiopia, and Rwanda gave presentations about their thoughts on topics like tourism or cultural points for visitors.

We had many visitors who were interested in our content, as well as good opportunities for international students from KIC to communicate with many Japanese people, regardless of age or gender, that are far from the everyday life in the school.

Bangladesh ODA Report Vol.5

The project got good results on ITEE


The technical cooperation project ‘’ICT Human Resources Development Targeting Japan Market’’ that KIC has been promoting in Bangladesh from last July, aims to develop ICT human resources and create an independent ICT human resources cycle in Bangladesh. Especially in the human resources development, the number of successful examinees for ITEE is an important indicator to measure success.

On 25 March the trainees of this project tried ITEE for the first time and got good results. From 562 applicants, 374 people took the exam and 22 people passed.

In comparison with the results of ITEE which were held last spring and last summer, the number of successful examinees increased by 7 to 10 times, and the pass rate was improved more than 2 times.

Additionally, ITEE is consists of two parts; a morning test and an afternoon test, and there were 99 people those who passed either of them. Especially the morning test, the number of passing examinees increased dramatically from the past high record of 5 to 87, showing the effect of KIC’s education method. It was highly evaluated as population formation of successful examinees towards next ITEE.

We take the increase in the number of successful examinees very seriously to appeal to the Bangladesh government to promote this project towards becoming a national project. This project is going to put effort into further improving the trainees as always. Thank you for your continued attention to KIC’s global activities.

International students from KIC drew flower pictures in “INFIORATA KOBE KITANOZAKA 2018”


“INFIORATA” means “To spread flowers all over a surface” in Italian.

This event has been held across cities in Europe, which is known for drawing pictures using flowers on roads or in plazas.

In the case of Kobe, it started in the Sannomiya area in 1997 for a remembrance event for the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995.

At the present time, the event, which has become a special feature of Kobe in spring, has spread to various places in Kobe. KIC has also participated in making flower pictures with local residents since 2016.

“INFIORATA KOBE KITANOZAKA 2018” was held from May 3rd to 5th. The theme was “Animal Parade of Flowers”.

International students with various backgrounds have been coming from various countries to KIC and learning and understanding each other’s cultures and habits. Such a state is likened to the harmony of nature and animals. The 5x10 meter flower picture “KIC Diverse Nature” was made using tulip petals of red, white, yellow, purple, and pink as well as green stalks and brown woodchips.

Although the students sometimes had a hard time drawing due to clouds and strong wind, they got periods of refreshing clear weather as the flower picture was being made. All over Kitanozaka Ave. was colored with sunlight and variously designed flower pictures.

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