ICT Innovator Course Research Outcome Seminar


Kobe Institute of Computing Graduate School of Information Technology(KIC) held the ICT Innovator Course Research Outcome Seminar on Monday, July 10th. 26 students made presentations. The Research Outcome Seminar is where first-year students examine the solutions and methods of realization for social issues that they have learned in practical research seminars from the perspectives of social significance, originality, economic value, and so on, and present their results.

Mr. CORDON Javier from the Republic of Guatemala, whose research theme is “autonomous driving navigation ‘AGROBOT'”, is focusing on the problem of pests that are resistant to pesticides and trying to solve this problem with the agricultural support robot AGROBOT. He plans to utilize technologies such as LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), infrared communication, ultrasonic waves, GPS, and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). He explained the details of his research while showing a prototype machine currently under development.

Ms. Elodie Thècle AKOGAN from the Republic of Benin has set her research theme as “research on meal management software in the Republic of Benin,” and is trying to solve the problem of obesity in the Republic of Benin by providing advice on calorie intake management and exercise using a mobile application equipped with DNN (Deep Neural Network) and machine learning technology.

Lastly, President Sumitani gave some advice and encouragement for the next round of presentations:
“I felt from today’s presentations that everyone has been working very hard on their studies and research over the past year. At the next milestone, research plan presentations will be held at the end of October to present the details of what you will be working on in your second year. Until then, please brush up on your research issues, precedent cases, ideas for solutions, methods of examination, and so on while consulting with your professors.”