International student from Myanmar wins EXCELLENT PAPER Award at International Conference


At the “International Conference of Artificial Intelligence” held in Tokyo on Friday, July 7, 2023, a paper presented by Khine Thet Mon, a second-year KIC’s ICT innovator course student from Myanmar, “Rainfall Prediction: Accuracy Enhancement for Myanmar Using Machine Learning” was selected for “THE IIER EXCELLENT PAPER” award.

Khine Thet Mon, an engineer dispatched from the DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY AND HYDROLOGY, an agency of the MYANMAR applies machine learning technology and ICT to predict accurate rainfall for supporting natural disasters in a short time, and with high accuracy, at low cost. She worked on the research with the ambition that the system can realize to save the precious life of the people in her home country from natural disasters. At this stage, she could achieve a good result in the verification conducted with her coworkers in her home country, and had a chance to make presentations at an international academic conference, she could acquire a high evaluation. Khine Thet Mon’s research applies the “Tankyu practice method” promoted by our university, and as a result of working with collaborators in Japan and her home country Myanmar, it may be a strong encouragement to the current students of our university.