ICT Innovator Course: Midterm Evaluation Presentations


On Monday, June 5th, 2023, midterm evaluation presentations were conducted by second-year students of the ICT Innovator Course at Kobe Institute of Computing (KIC), and 17 international students gave presentations in English. The midterm evaluation presentation is where students make a midterm report as they work towards the completion presentation (final report of research activity results) in August.

Mr. BOLI Félix Jérôme Zahouli from the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire is working on the research theme of “Predicting agricultural work in rural areas using AI.” Taking cassava, the staple food of his home country, as an example, he is conducting research on a weather forecast system that allows farmers to use AI to grasp the shipping time of agricultural products. Combining Anaconda, Python, Visual studio, Facebook Prohet, and so on, it predicts the weather information necessary for the cultivation of cassava.

Ms. HABIMANA Remy from the Republic of Rwanda gave a presentation titled “A Study on Technologies for Managing Traffic Congestion – A Case Study of Kigali in the Republic of Rwanda” and is attempting to solve the problem of traffic congestion, which has become a social issue in her home country, by utilizing traffic congestion information acquired in real time using an ICT system.
The system that she developed is built using Java Script, HTML, and CSS on the front end, and Python, Yolov8Algorithm, Open CV Library, Thonny, MySQL, and Google API on the back end.Traffic congestion information is obtained by combining information such as image analysis, map information, and traffic volume.

Finally, President Sumitani gave advice and encouragements to the students, saying,
“Thank you for your presentations. The presentations consisted of research content using cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain and were simply excellent. I have two pieces of advice for the completion presentation. The first is regarding the demonstration of prototypes. Please explain with emphasis on what you focused on the most. What is different when compared to others and what is originality and novelty are very important, so please be aware of these during your presentation.
The other piece of advice is regarding verification. After the implementation of the prototype is completed, you will likely verify it by having users use it. While you may have good results, you may also experience a result that is different from your initial hypothesis. Whatever the result, it is very important, so please make this point clear in your presentation.
During your presentation, you should focus only on the important points, but please include everything in your paper.
Today has been a very fulfilling day. Everyone, thank you very much for your presentations.”