ICT Innovator Course: Research Plan Presentation


The Kobe Institute of Computing (KIC) held a research plan presentation for the ICT Innovator Course on Monday, October 31st.
The research plan presentation, in regards to the topic of their upcoming research project, second-year students use what they have learned thus far as the foundation,
And the presentation is a place to verify the validity of the value of research and the direction of approaches to problem-solving.

MUKAHIRWA Delphine, who is from the Republic of Rwanda, used “A SHARED ELECTRONIC MEDICAL AND HEALTH RECORD” as the topic of discussion.
In Rwanda, the ICT infrastructure in the medical field is still in development, and digital records related to medical care and health has not been sufficiently circulated.
In the presentation, MUKAHIRWA Delphine presents their solution of using AI, smartphone applications, IoT, blockchain technology, etc to combat the issues.

MUKAHIRWA Delphine explaining the current status of the Rwandan medical field

GNONA Dovi Serge, who is from the Republic of Cote d’lvoire, used “INTEROPERABILTY OF MOBILE MONEY IN CFA ZONE” as the topic of discussion.
In Africa, the CFA franc is the common currency, and there are two types of CFA francs operated by the Central Bank of West Africa and the Central African Bank.
The Cote d’ivoire Republic and the Central African Republic are listed by 3,000 tourists per day, but due to differences in CFA franc management, inconveniences arise in terms of currency management.
In light of this issue, GNONA Dovi Serge presents their solution of utilizing technologies such as mobile money business models, book chains, and cloud computing.

GNONA Dovi Serge explaining the problems with CFA franc

Following the presentation, President Sumitani makes a statement:
“Thank you all for your hard work today.
The presentation was full of wonderful ideas and a great start.
Following todays’ presentation, everyone will design and develop prototypes and test hypotheses.
This part often takes more time than expected. Please consult with your instructor to ensure proper time management.
Thank you very much for your hard work today.”
Through this statement, advice for future research activities were given and encouragement was sent to the students.

Please look forward to the results as the students boldly take on the challenges of their home countries throughout the year based on the content of this research presentation.