Fully Online Course Program is now available!


Fully Online Course Program Starts!
Get your master’s degree “fully online” while working!

KIC offers the Fully Online Course Program for students. With the program, students can take online, all the subjects required for completion of KIC Regular Course Program, to obtain a master’s degree (Master of Information Systems (Professional)).

This program enables those who live far away or are busy with work to obtain a master’s degree.
– Study with classmates from anywhere in the world!
– Get your master’s degree fully online!
– 800,000 JPY reduction from the tuition fees! (in conjunction with the tuition exemption )

KIC’s new form of learning that connects you from anywhere

You can study with classmates from all over the world, from any location, according to your lifestyle. It is also possible to study while communicating interactively with teachers and classmates. There is no commuting time, and you can use your time effectively. You can study from anywhere without being restricted by location.
*Video lectures may be given for flipped classrooms.

Recommended for
– Those who live far away, such as overseas
– Those who are too busy with work to commute to school

Tuition reductions unique to the Fully Online Course Program

For those students who have taken the Fully Online Course Program, in total for two years, 400,000 JPY will be reduced from the tuition fee. In addition, if you take it in conjunction with the Tuition Exemption, it will be 800,000 JPY for two years.

Student Reviews of Fully Online Course Program

Discuss online with students from around the world to the full
I learned programming from the ground up, but I was able to acquire it steadily because I could get detailed answers to each question, even if it was online!
In the “ICT4D” class especially, where I studied with international students from all over the world, I discussed global issues to the full and enjoyed a stimulating student life.

Convenience and plenty of content. The ideal environment for work-life balance.
As a student, while working, I have found the online environment to be very convenient. The online environment was effective not only in daily classes and presentations but also in research and interviews for my master’s thesis. The support from the teachers and office at KIC is wonderful and you will have a fulfilling two years.

For more detailed information, please check the Fully Online Program 2023

Please CLICK HERE if you want to apply NOW! >>https://www.kic.ac.jp/eng/admissions-guidelines.html