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KIC signed a MoU regarding the ICT human resource development project in Rwanda



Kobe Institute of Computing Graduate School of Information Technology is in the final preparation phase before commencing the “ICT Human Resource Development Project in Kigali, Rwanda” in partnership with the City of Kobe, which is to be funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

This project aims to produce capable human resources in the ICT sector that satisfy the technical and general skills standards required by the ICT related enterprises in Rwanda. The training courses under the project will be provided through facilitation by local trainers who themselves have graduated from KIC through ABE Initiative program. As part of the project, activities to link Rwandan human resources with Japanese enterprises will be carried out in cooperation with the City of Kobe, which already has a partnership with the City of Kigali.

During the period between 16th and 20th January 2017, from the counterpart institution in Rwanda, the Rwanda ICT Chamber, Mr. Robert Ford Nkusi, Vice President, and Mr. Alex Ntale, Executive Director, have come to Japan to have discussion on the project implementation with the members of the City of Kobe, JICA and KIC.

On the last day, Rwanda ICT Chamber and KIC have signed a MoU, which lays out the basic common understanding between the two parties regarding the project. Based on this MoU, more detailed project implementation plan will be developed.


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