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Inaugural Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2015 (ACEID2015)



Each year globally IAFOR bring together a range of academics and practitioners to discuss new directions of research and discovery in education and international development. P-LAB at KIC for the past couple of years has been a regular contributor to the range of IAFOR conferences and workshops held in Japan. Last year, H. Sokout, A.R. Ahmadi and T. Takahara have presented their research works on e-Learning before a global audience of more than 30 countries at Osaka International Convention Center. This year too, M.H. Gharanai has been invited to represent his published work on the role of digital libraries in the development of Afghanistan.

Mr.Gharanai and Ms.Inoue also had the opportunity to participate in the workshop organized by Qatar Foundation at ACEID2015. Both had the opportunity to: present their research works in a supportive environment; network and create new relationships; hear the latest research; experience Japan and join a global academic community.

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