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P-Lab’s Subarashii Presentations at the Asian Conference on Technology

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On May 3rd, 2015, Mr.Toshiro Takahara and Ms.Ayaka Inoue were invited to present their scholarly work to the international community. The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2015 was held at Kobe Art Centre is one of the major e-Learning platforms investigating the uses of technologies in learning, including devices with sophisticated computing and networking capacities.

P-Lab often encourages students to present their research findings at national and international conventions. Participating and presenting at conferences offers a myriad of opportunities to young researchers. The oral presentations allow them to present data during many stages of development and receive feedback from colleagues. They also offer a way to improve presentation skills and learn the art of answering questions from a range of individuals.

An additional benefit of meeting researchers with similar interests is that students may be able to develop contacts for future doctoral placements or jobs, allowing them to be aware of opportunities sooner than those who wait for advertisements to be posted.

More detail about the conference below.



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