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Sugiyama-Lab students joined the WCTRS conference in Shanghai on July 1st



WCTRS(World Conference on Transport Research Society) was held the conference at Tonji University in Shanghai on July 1st, 2015. The theme of this conference was “Mobility and Sustainability in New Urbanization”.

6 students and 3 professors addressed the presentation or submitted the posters as follows:
– SIMON Dedjo Yao, FAN Liyang and SUGIYAMA Ikuo (Kobe Institute of Computing):“Transition Management toward a Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable Land Use and Transport”

-MUTEMBEI Kariuki and MATSUNAGA Ryuji (Kobe Institute of Computing): “ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction for Health: A Focus on Urban Transport and Medical Waste”

-AGA Eyosiyas Etana, AFSHAR Faridoon, YOUSUFZAI Nangialai, SADAT Said Moqeem and SUGIYAMA Ikuo (Kobe Institute of Computing): “Cyber-Physical System for Sustainable Urban Management in Newly Developing Countries”

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