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Yoshida Chika-Lab Representation at PROMAC2015 Conference at Sapporo



The PROMAC 2015 International Conference by The Society of Project Management was held in October 14th – 17th 2015 at the Sapporo Convention Center in Hokkaido.
Three M2 students of Chika lab are applied their theses and all of them are approved through the peer review. The theme of each thesis is as follows.

-“Vehicle Requisition System with Automated Gate in Public Sector, Rwanda” by Cyuzuzo Yves

-“Challenges and Countermeasures of Projects Implementation In African Higher Educational Institutions” by Berhe Shume

-“Creating Web Services to Grow Small and Medium Enterprises in Nairobi” by Ngugi Victor

Their presentations are successfully finished and enjoyed the communication with many Professors and key persons of PROMAC members.


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