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Special Lectures

Special lectures by specialists in various fields

We organise talks by practitioners who are active in various fields, not limited to the IT industry, as well as education experts and researchers, in the form of regularly held special lectures. They always offer the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of useful information.

Lecture held on October 25, 2014 (Friday)

“ICT4D -Policy-Making-“

Lecture VenueEducation and Research Building 3F lecture room
Lecture byMr. Ichiro Une (Director, JICA Research Institute)

ICT4D belongs to the area of policy, and policy itself does not emerge from nothing, policy development requires a process. In this lecture, we got an explanation of the concept and experience of ICT4D policy formulation through examples, to obtain policy development and through getting into contact with the specific knowledge and practices for the process, we could obtain a deep understanding by the relationship of the “policy / practice / technology”.

Lecture held on April 23, 2015 (Thursday)

Lecture on IT in urban planning and government

Lecture VenueEducation and Research Building 3F lecture room
Part One
“Integrated Agro-City”
Sustainable urban model for urban and rural-agricultural coexistence and mutual prosperity
Speakers Mr. Hideki Asami (President, Nikken Sekkei Civil Corporation)
Mr. Satoshi Fujita (Director, Urban planner, Nikken Sekkei Civil Corporation)

As it was the case for Japan during the first half of high economic growth period, industrialization has been essential as an engine of economic development for Thailand since the late 1980s, and for the current Vietnam, and many of the ASEAN countries. Development of the industry and significant urbanization brought about the realization of the “desired” urban life. On the other hand, agricultural and rural areas are getting impoverished, the income gap between urban and rural areas has reached about 10 times, and this has become a serious social problem.
“From the point of view of urban planning, can not we resolve the disparity of cities and rural areas?” This time we have carried out a study taking as an example Myanmar, which is a target of attention as the last frontier in Southeast Asia. From conventional industrial center development, we have turned to a proposal for the development of industry and agriculture together, to encourage a synergistic effect, as a development model that brings coexistence and mutual prosperity to urban and rural areas.

Part Two
“The dilemma of government system transparency by IT” – from the case of Bangladesh
SpeakerMr. Tsuyoshi Kano (Staff member, JICA Bangladesh Office)

Currently, introduction of IT into the government systems is progressing everywhere in the world, but has it been really successful in any country? In Bangladesh, which is located in South Asia, with 150 million people, there is a promotion of a government system with IT under the slogan of “Digital Bangladesh”. As JICA representative of the Bangladesh, in about three years experience with supporting this government system of IT, I have felt many times the problems that the government is facing, and our lecture is about the dilemma of IT and transparency due to those problems.