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Student Support

Health counseling to students, mental support, life counseling, etc.

Consultation on mental health

For students facing trouble in their life, we have established at the University a “student consultation office” where students can find advice for their worries. At the student counseling office, a professional counselor (clinical psychologist) is going to find clues to solve the students’ problems. First, students can ask in mail for consultation, but it is also possible to consult directly in an interview with the counselor. Depending on the consultation contents and circumstances, the office is also responsible for the introduction of external agencies if necessary.

Dealing with harassments

Our goal is to provide for each student and faculty with a psychologically and physically safe and comfortable environment, where they can devote themselves to study, research and work, and send a fulfilling campus life. For this reason, we have established guidelines for harassment prevention. In addition, students and faculty who feel having received harassment can consult at a “harassment consultation office”, and we have established a system to give such issues immediate attention.

Our Secretariat can offer consultation on health and life issues of the student.