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Laboratory Introduction

Ryuji MATSUNAGA Laboratory

Let’s try to think together about the issue of developing countries of Asia and Africa!

Field of Study / Subjects

International Cooperation, Climate change, biological diversity, Environment Cooperation etc.

Laboratory Overview

I feel strongly to introduce of real international cooperation and that mechanism for students from my 30year’s Japan International cooperation Agency (JICA) experience (including Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Environment and Hokkaido University).
I hope all students will consider by themselves to solve the problems of developing countries through the my experience for promote climate change and international cooperation in” lake TOYA summits”
Students can grasp the facts of the developments countries in our Laboratory and utilize the ICT techniques how to solve the problem for local people in development countries.
Students will be able to do the Project formation by themselves when they study the Project Cycle management (PCM) method for international cooperation.
All students willing go to the developing countries at an early stage and look the present conditions and situation for their future. Please come to the laboratory anytime who interest for international cooperation.