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Specific Theme Study (Overview and Syllabus)

In the Specific Theme Study, for each issue the students build a hypothesis, how to provide new value using ICT technology, and then verify it. During this time, students also perform a thorough investigation and discussions. Moreover, they confirm the uniqueness by investigating similar solutions, and by performing the verification of viability by cost simulation, they also consider the possibility of realisation. Ultimately, they will complete the study at the level of an action plan as well as a master’s thesis, to the point when it can be presented.


Course TitleNumber of unitsCreditsCourse OverviewSyllabus
Specific Theme Study A[Number of units]
4[Course Overview]
Problem-solving practice based on ‘Tankyu’ practice – 1
(Theme setting: Issue discovery – creating a hypothesis of solution  – deciding the method of validation)
Specific Theme Study B[Number of units]
8[Course Overview]
Problem-solving practice based on ‘Tankyu’ practice – 2
(Implementation of the solution – verification and evaluation – improvement)