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Graduate school / DepartmentGraduate School of Information Technology,
Department of Information Systems
Degree nameMaster of Science in Information Systems
Enrollment capacity55 persons

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Our policy is that KIC widely accept individuals who already have the experience and knowledge of ICT as well as who have a sense of purpose “to solve the social issues utilizing ICT”, and a strong enthusiasm for learning.

KIC is looking for the new college graduates and working adult from Japan and abroad. We want applicant to have a following characteristics for ICT Innovator course.

  • Have an interest in solving the social problems utilizing ICT and intend to contribute to global development after completion, and also ambitious person who want to share widely the knowledge and skills they have acquired.
  • Have understanding and interest in different cultures and values, and cooperative personality.
  • Have flexible thinking, positive action and a spirit of challenge.

Please refer to the “Application Guidelines” for more information.
Application Guidelines are available from here

Selection method

We screen the comprehensive result of written applications and oral examination. Interview may be scheduled on campus or via Skype. It is 30 minutes and is conducted in English.