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HIRAISHI, Teruhiko

HIRAISHI, Teruhiko


Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Engineering(Master of Engineering)
In Panasonic Corporation,
- Research and development of information systems
- Development of image processing algorithm
- Development of embedded systems.
- Responsible for software-related training
Member of Japan Information Technology Service Industry Association/Requirement Engineering Promotion Working group,
Member of Software Engineers Association
Evangelist of practical management philosophy

Field of study / subjects

  • Information System Architectures
  • System Architecture Special Experiments
  • Specific Theme Study A
  • Specific Theme Study B


Associate Professor

Field of Study / Speciality

Requirement Engineering / Software Engineering / Software Quality assurance / Software Process Improvement / Development of embedded software


Development of embedded software

Software process improvement consultation

Development of algorithm of feature drawing by using image processing

Training of Engineers (software engineering)



Keep the mind to challenge. Don’t afraid to fail. You may find it is more important to fail by challenge than doing nothing.


If you don’t act, you can’t found many things. If you act spontaneously, you may find that  only by your knowledge, you can solve few issues.

Not bothering alone

If you are in trouble, don’t bother alone. If you have a serious attitude to try to solve the problem, someone always give you a hint.

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