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TSUJI, Takashi

TSUJI, Takashi


BE, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Engaged in operation and management of mainframe in The Asahi Shimbun Company. Joined JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers), worked at the Public Works Department in the Government of Western Samoa (now, Independent State of Samoa).
Joined JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), Deputy Representative of JICA Indonesia, Deputy Managing Director of Information Systems, Chief Representative of JICA Papua New Guinea.

Field of study / subjects

  • Fundamentals of Social Development
  • ICT4D Exercises
  • Specific Theme Study A
  • Specific Theme Study B



Assistant Vice President

Field of Study / Specialty

ICT4D, Information Security, Project and Program Management, Distance Learning, Training and Education, Contract and Procurement in Public Sectors, Information System Audit


  • Operation and management in a wide variety of computers such as; mainframes, servers, mini-computers, PCs
  • Project management in both public and private sectors.
  • Finding problems/issues, analyzing constraint factors, leading to solutions in developing countries.


How to make use of “ICT”

“T” of “ICT”, of course stands for “Technology”, but at the same time “T” stands for “Tool”, I believe.  Recently, the advance of technology, especially ICT, has made drastic changes not only in Japan but also in the developing countries.  However, our society still has a lot of problems in various fields such as education, health, welfare, environment, and so on.

ICT has the potential to continue changing or making our world better, but it is our role to utilize the “ICT” as a “Tool”.  We have to consider and analyze the cause of problems and constraints carefully, and make use of “ICT” properly.  As I have been serving in Japan’s ODA (Official Developing Assistance), it would be my pleasure if I could share my experience and knowledge, assist you finding a problem, building your project plan and helping your success, together.

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