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OKUDA, Ryosuke

OKUDA, Ryosuke


Bachelor's degree and Ph.D. degree in electronics engineering, Kyoto University
Joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 1990
Joined the Graduate School of Information Technology, Kobe Institute of Computing in 2015
Living in Takatsuki-city with two daughters and wife

Field of study / subjects

  • Special Theme Study A
  • Special Theme Study B



Field of Study / Speciality

Embedded hardware and software design,

Ubiquitous computing,

Web application


He engaged in research and development of hardware and software in a semiconductor company. In hardware development, he was involved in the design of USB function device, Bluetooth baseband circuitry, IEEE1394 LINK Layer and SoC for digital televisions. Also he was involved in embedded software development using DSP and MCU, and design automation software on UNIX.


I find engineering to be difficult by an experience of work in industry for 25 years. A leading and popular technology may become hackneyed and conventional according to the change of social and industrial needs. Therefore an engineer should be ready to change himself according to the change in society and a market. In order to do so, I think it would be very important to have the related surrounding technological knowledge as well as the specialized field. Have an interest in all matters, please spend your student days meaningfully.

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