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About KIC

About KIC

Overview of Kobe Institute of Computing, Graduate School of Information Technology

Professional graduate school for practical education to foster advanced IT experts demanded by society.

In Kobe Institute of Computing, Graduate School of Information Technology (KIC), we have built an education program to train IT engineers who can be immediately proficient in their careers, regardless of whether each student has been educated in humanities or science, or the presence or absence of previous work experience in the IT industry. The curriculum is progressively structured in a way that proceeds from foundations to application and practice, fostering highly skilled individuals who can work in various fields, including engineers who can develop software and build information communication networks, can create embedded software, construct and design various information systems, are capable of development management as IT architects and project managers, and also professionals who can contribute to international cooperation and social development with the help of ICT.
At KIC, we build advanced IT practitioners who possess not only partial abilities, such as technology and knowledge, but also a talent that combines sophistication, such as leadership, problem solving skills and management ability; we set our educational purpose as "the development of advanced IT human resources with human power."

Our two target images for training

Professionals who can provide a solution to social issues through system development and maintenance using their own ICT technology skills. Highly inciteful experts who can formulate solutions to social issues that utilize ICT technology, being able to demonstrate leadership in problem solving practice, with the cooperation of ICT technicians.

Features of education

Acquisition of practical ICT knowledge and skills

In order to develop professionals with high practical skills and expertise, our faculty consists of experienced corporate pioneers from companies such as SONY and Panasonic, cooperating with a variety of researchers and education experts, all familiar with human resource development, to instill high practical capabilities by learning know-how, practical knowledge and skills, through group work, and simulated real projects.

Development of the ability to discover and resolve issues

For challenges in the real world, various factors complicate progress, and for such problems, you need to have the power to discover their essence. In the curriculum of KIC, you will develop this power through “TANKYU Practice” exercises and “Specific Theme Research”.

Learning international cooperation and social development utilizing ICT

It is possible to take social development-related lectures and exercises as well as ICT (information communication technology) lectures together with government-sponsored students from developing countries supported through JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). By working on solving techniques for actual issues through group work, it is possible to learn international cooperation, social development, and social innovation using ICT, while living in Japan. You can earn credits for the full course by taking it in English, and you can acquire global communication skills.

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