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Takahara, Toshiro

Specially Appointed Professor
Master of Science in Information System, Graduate School of Information Technology, Kobe Institute of Computing, (First badge of Innovator Course)
After obtained Bachelor of Visual Arts at Osaka University of Arts, I went to Senegal as JICA volunteer and worked in National Park Service. Since then, I worked with JICA in various African countries such as Niger, Benin and Djibouti. I obtained Master of KIC in 2015, and started working as Special Appointed Professor from December 2018.
ICT4D is my main field of interest. We live in a world of a great cultural diversity, and how we can use ICT to live better? To answer this question, we should design a solution by deepening the understandings of our own way to perceive the world, then collaborate with others, share our knowledge to achieve the common goal.
By combining various levels of ICT and methods of social development, I am devoted to creating a good service/product design which contributes to making people’s life better. Multidisciplinary is the key of the research method.


The principal nature of this world is diversity: many different cultures and various way of thinking. ICT can connect all these people and it enables us to live together. But the principal actor is always human, as well as the subject to learn. Let’s make a breakthrough to the status quo of common sense by questioning why and search a better way to make a good change. Only human interaction and dialog make this possible. It is an intellectual adventure.

ICT4D Project Exercise
Social Development
ICT4D, HCI (Human Computer Interaction)
UX (User Experience)