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Miyamoto, Yukinobu

Associate Professor
Received the B.E., M.E. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from Kobe University
Worked at Akashi National College of Technology as an Associate Professor
Professional Engineer in Information Engineering
Director of Japan Society of Information and Knowledge
Expert for ITEE Project at JICA Bangladesh Office

Since computers widely spread to society, many people have the opportunity to use computers. In addition, it became possible to communicate with the world through the internet. Now that the world has become much more convenient than before, we have entered the phase to solve many social problems through IT. These are the issues we tackle at KIC.
My major is Artificial Intelligence (AI), that is, “to solve social problems by AI.” AI is not an existence beyond human beings, but an academic field that realizes the same intelligence as human beings. Although the computer has become popular now, are the interfaces that many people touch really easy to use? As mechanization progresses, it is a fact that some people who cannot keep up-to-date will have troubles. Many students who are enrolled in KIC are not only engineers, but I believe that they will come to be a social problem discoverer. I hope you come and join us.

Foundations of Computer Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Image Processing
Computer Education