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Oda, Masato

Visitng Professor

After graduating from Keio University, joined Information Services | International Dentsu Inc. where I earned MBA and established the Data Intelligence Center in Singapore and operated as GM to support enterprise digital marketing.

After returning to Japan, founded OSINTech Inc. to solve the problem of environmentally friendly technologies not being adopted due to rules and regulations. Representative Director. Based on the vision of "Our world. Rules by everybody.”, providing rule formation trend intelligence services and Many lectures to local government leaders, corporations, and municipalities.

The rules were created by ourselves to make it easier for us to live originally. If everyone pays attention to the rules, good technology will spread, and old regulations will be corrected quickly. So, watch and take advantage of the rules. And it will be the power to change the rules according to the times.
Information analysis with technology will be a weapon to follow the trend. Rule changes are also particularly important in business as they are game changers. As a company, as a citizen, as a scholar ... When everyone becomes sensitive to the rules, democracy will evolve.
Let us solve social issues by utilizing of ICT and create a good society together.