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Kano, Tsuyoshi

Visiting Professor
MSc, Information Science, Yokohama National University
BEng, Computer Science, Yokohama National University
CEO and co-Founder, ICT for Development
ICT Sector Specialist, JICA
System Architect, Nomura Research Institute

My research/job interest is technology & social change, especially in ICT for Development (ICT4D). My background is both international development and information technology. I have eleven years of experience in the international development sector (including three years of stay in Bangladesh) and four years of experience as a software engineer.
I am especially interested in ICT industry development, including innovation and entrepreneurship, and ICT human resource development.
In addition, I am a co-founder and CEO of an NPO "ICT for Development" in Japan. I manage a blog and online community to promote ICT4D jobs/studies in Japan.