Kobe, where KIC is, is really in a great location. I also like it because it is cozy and quiet compared to a huge city like Tokyo. KIC is close to Sannomiya, the closest station which is in the city center of Kobe, in middle of town and full of activity with lots of shops and other facilities making it very convenient. The sea and mountains are also close near by, so there are plenty of places to visit on my days off. People are curious about how I find Japanese food. I often get asked about this, but I have no problem with Japanese food. I love both sushi and sashimi. We don’t eat raw fish as a rule in Kenya, but there are Japanese restaurants in the capital Nairobi, so we have opportunities to eat Japanese food. But it is very expensive, so it is not popular among Kenyans. Therefore, it is not really affordable for the average person, but here in Japan I can eat as much Japanese food as I want.

“It is a great environment for me to gain even more knowledge than I could by just doing my own research...”

Feel free to sit in on classes you aren't enrolled in

There is an unusual amount of fellowship amongst the students that gather from around the globe to take part in the Innovator Course. The environment is right for everyone to enjoy studying, including the teachers. This environment, where there are students from a variety of countries, cannot be experienced elsewhere, I think. In particular, colleagues in the same research lab talk easily with each other, engage in lively discussions, and generally interact actively. The good thing about KIC is that you can also sit in on classes that you haven’t enrolled in. This means that you can participate in classes that you have an interest in, not just those that deal with the subjects you are focused on. I am very appreciative of the fact that they are willing to facilitate people who want to do more than their share of study.

There are also opportunities to participate in the research of other students and to give them a hand. Learning about the research performed by other students broadens my view and gives me new things to learn. It is a great environment for me to gain even more knowledge than I could by just doing my own research, and I can also widen my network of associates.

The joy of learning from convincing teachers

The amazing teachers is one of the big points of attraction for KIC. The class I am particularly interested in is “Fundamentals of International Cooperation”. The teacher in charge is Ryuji Matsunaga who spent many years on major projects with JICA, and his past performance and analytical skills make him a very convincing teacher. In the classes on software taught by Markon Sandor we use an extremely small computer called “Arduino” and learn how to create a simple automated system. We have to perform an analysis that determines the purpose of the software when creating it, and the way the methodology was imparted to us so patiently was of great interest to me.

I want to be someone who is active in my home nation

After graduation I will be returning to the company I am currently with. So that the things I have learned at KIC do not go to waste, I will put them to maximum use and do my very best for my home, Kenya. Then I will put in continual effort to be as useful as possible in the field of medical waste treatment.

Kariuki, Mutembei