I was working at the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Afghanistan. JICA’s Project for the Promotion and Enhancement of the Afghan Capacity for Effective Development (PEACE Project) gave me the opportunity to come to Japan. When I actually applied I saw that there was a lot of competition and the conditions were very tough, so I consider myself very lucky to have been selected. I had always had an interest in ICT, so being able to study hard for two years at KIC is something I appreciate very much.

“I believe that I have found companions with whom I can build great relationships long after our graduation.”

Classes based on actual experience are very convincing

Apart from learning the technology, I also wanted to learn from society. The “Innovator Course”, which helps you learn how to tie technology and society together, was the perfect course for me. First, the teachers were amazing. The teachers in KIC have many years of experience in real companies and they base their lessons on actual experience. Professor Mamoru Ito, who had worked at Panasonic, talked about what it’s like at work, problems that actually occurred and how they were solved, and taught based on his real experiences. The classes are very interesting and I always look forward to them. In the “Fundamentals of ICT4D” class taught by Tomonari Takeuchi as well we get to hear inspirational content based on the teacher’s real experiences. These contents based on real experiences are more convincing than the theoretical knowledges in the books.

Professor Sandor Markon’s “Special Programming Exercises” class was very interesting, too. This class is based on how to put technology to use and what tools to use to solve problems. In “Tankyu Practice”, the class run by the amazing Toshiki Sumitani, the president of KIC, we learn about bringing solutions and technology together and the methodology is engrossing. All of the lecturers are very engaging and I cannot say enough about how enriching the lessons are.

Stimulating student life with classmates from different countries

The Innovator Course is certainly a place to study where you can interact with people from other countries. They have specific issues in their home countries which we then discuss and try to find a solution. It is a great experience for me to be able to hear the stories from many other countries.

All my classmates are fantastic and I get along with them all. I believe that I have found companions with whom I can build great relationships long after our graduation. And when they return to their countries, they will exercise important functions in their government, and we will be able to establish a great human network.

Using the ICOCA from Japan as a model

I want to introduce electronic money to Afghanistan. I will start a venture company and use the knowledge I have acquired in KIC in order to be a pioneer of popular electronic money in Afghanistan, like the ICOCA card in Japan.

Hassani, Ehsanullah