I am part of an institution dealing with higher education in Afghanistan and also teach at university. The reason I was able to enter KIC was my successful application to the Project for the Promotion and Enhancement of the Afghan Capacity for Effective Development (PEACE Project). The opening was narrow, but after passing several difficult examinations and interviews I was able to enter KIC. I was both extremely happy and proud. One of the issues at the interviews was that I had to explain my research subject, so I already had a plan for an “electronic voting system” before coming to Japan.

“...I was not only deeply impressed by the power of recovery possessed by Japan, but also realized the incredible power of peace.”

Classes made exciting with the stories from the teachers

The curriculum at KIC is perfect for increasing my understanding of my research subject. In particular, the ICT4D related classes have content which match perfectly with the things I wanted to know more about in Afghanistan. I will never forget the first ”Fundamentals of ICT4D” I took after entering KIC. The way I became excited when listening to the stories of Mr. Takeuchi has remained with me as a long-term impression. I am also extremely happy with the environment at the Innovator Course, where students from many countries gather to learn. I am stimulated everyday by my fulfilling campus life. The staff at KIC are very generous with their support, so I can relax and enjoy my life in Japan.

Inspired by healthy Japanese food

I was surprised by how quickly I was able to adapt to life in Japan. I especially like the food in Japan, finding anything I try to my liking. “Sushi” is a famous Japanese food in Afghanistan, but noodles are what really take my fancy. And udon is the one I particularly find delicious. Cooking in Afghanistan involves a lot of oil and spices. It is very different to Japanese cooking both in the method and in the seasonings used. I think we have a lot to learn from healthy Japanese food.

Refusing to give up my dream of peace

I love travel and have been to many places in Japan. I learned in Afghanistan about the heavy damage to Okinawa and Hiroshima during the war, so I really wanted to visit those places. But I was surprised when I actually visited to find a very different scene to what I expected. There was nothing left of the war there. After seeing these towns that had recovered so completely, I was not only deeply impressed by the power of recovery possessed by Japan, but also realized the incredible power of peace. Afghanistan continues to have its problems and is still very far from recovering. However, when I was faced with the amazing development of Japan, I could only wish such development for my own country. I renewed my determination to teach the people of Afghanistan about the importance of not giving up.

I’ll be returning to my job in higher education after I graduate. It is my desire to put what I have learned at KIC to good use at work and be an effective person in Afghanistan.

Nasratullah Ghafoori