Information Technology Graduate Course, Major in Information Systems

Entrance Fee Tuition Facilities and Equipment (Annual) TOTAL
¥200,000 ¥1,000,000 ¥200,000 ¥1,400,000
We have a financial support for Privately-Financed International students who meet the relevant criteria.
Please contact us for more information.

Payment Method

Entrance fees and school fees (tuition and facilities) are to be paid in three installments as outlined below.
Entrance Fee School Fees (Terms 1~3) School Fees (Terms 4~6)
¥200,000 ¥600,000 ¥600,000
The above amount is for the year of 2018. In the case that tuition fees are revised during the time a student is enrolled in the course, the new fees will also be applicable to enrolled students.
Graduating students will be charged 5,000 yen for joining the Alumni Association and 5,000 yen for conferment ceremony expenses.
Expenses for textbooks and other teaching materials are not included in the above payments.