Why do you learn ICT?

Is it for yourself in order to make your living? That is fine, but we believe you could achieve much more than that. KIC's motto is "Social Innovation by ICT and yourself," which means you come up with ideas for solving issues in your society utilizing ICT, and take leadership in implementing these solutions for your community, for your country for society as a whole. We believe technology should be used for social good, not for evil.
In order to achieve this, every KIC student learn "Tankyu Practice," our original method to find issues, come up with solution ideas, and improve the ideas through verification processes. Students from 64 countries have learned this method and found it very useful.
By learning Tankyu Practice, you are more likely to succeed in your projects.
KIC has more international students than local Japanese students, which is very unique as a Japanese university. Highly motivated and talented students from various countries learn from each other, as well as from our experienced faculty members.

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