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Sumitani, Toshiki

President / Professor
Completed a master’s degree in physics from the Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
Visiting Professor at the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business (Business Management, Problem Solving)
Managing Director of the Learnnet Global School

Many ICT projects fail. They stop in the middle, don’t meet the deadline, or users don’t want to use the new system.
As the president of KIC, I would like my students to succeed in their future projects. Learning “Tankyu Practice” will equip you with methodologies to increase your rate of success. You come up with possible solutions with ICT to a particular issue you identified. You will improve your solution ideas by going through three perspective of verification process: customer perspective, originality perspective, and budget balance perspective.
This course will serve as the basis of the whole KIC curriculum. So come and enjoy learning Tankyu Practice!

Tankyu Practice
Practice of Creativity Development