Graduate School of Information Technology, Department of Information Systems


Master of Science in Information Systems (professional)

Term of Study

2 years

Admission Capacity

55 students
We screen applicants through the results of written applications and oral examinations. Interviews may be scheduled on campus or via Skype or Zoom. They are 30 minutes and are conducted in English.

Exam Schedule

The day of examination Eligible Applicant Application Deadline Date of Results Admission Procedure Deadline
#1 26 June – 29 June 2024 Those who are living overseas 7 June 2024 13 July 2024 26 July 2024
#2 20 July 2024 Those who are living in Japan 28 June 2024 27 July 2024 2 Aug 2024

Laptop Computers

At KIC, classes require that students have their own laptop computer not just for experiments and practical training, but also for the majority of lectures. Since a laptop computer is indispensable not only for lectures, but also for preparation and reviewing in study rooms, use of the Internet, and information sharing within the campus, students must have their own laptop computer by the time the course commences.
Students who already have a laptop computer must confirm that it complies with the specifications stipulated by KIC. Any queries should be directed to the KIC Administrative Office.