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Ito, Mamoru

Assistant to the Vice President / Professor
M.S. in Instrumentation Engineering, Kobe University, Japan
Engaged in the development of information and communications devices, automotive software, CAD/CAE systems and so on at Panasonic Corporation
Member of IEICE, IEEE, The Society of Project Management, PMAJ, and PMI, PMS (PMAJ), PMP® (PMI®)

Be a professional engineer

We can say that professional engineers are those who will grasp market demands properly and be able to realize the demands in a realistic manner. However, It is impossible for the engineers to meet various market demands by their own technical knowledge and skills. It is important for us to share our wisdom and experience with the people of the world and think logically and with flexibility in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Let’s work together to aim to be a true professional engineer.

Create Innovations

If market demands are clear, we can obtain customer satisfaction by developing products according to the demands. But the market demands are actually becoming vague and ambiguous more and more. It is required by society not to wait for requirements of customers but to create new values by innovations that move the customers. ICT is a powerful tool to create innovations. Please join us to create innovations with courage.

Embedded Software, Automotive Software
Project Management, Software Process Improvement
Computer Simulation, Design Optimization
Embedded Software
Automotive Software
Project Management
Software Process Improvement
Computer Simulation
Design Optimization