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YAMANAKA, Toshiyuki

YAMANAKA, Toshiyuki


Master of Business Administration, Business Breakthrough University, Japan
Doctor of International Public Policy, Osaka University, Japan
Master of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, UK
Bachelor of Law, University of Tokyo, Japan

Field of study / subjects

  • Leadership Development Exercises
  • Specific Theme Study A
  • Specific Theme Study B



Field of Study / Speciality

HRD and Cross-Cultural & Global Understanding


  • Mobilization of Human Resources in Public Sector Change Japan, Toyo-Keizai-Shinpousha, 2009
  • Human Resources Management in Public Sector, Toyo-Keizai-Shinpousha, 2006
  • Frontier of Human Resources management, Daigaku-Kyoiku Shuppan, 2004 (Co-author)
  • Research on Public Servants in Public Sector, Toyo Keizai Shimpo-sha, 2006
  • Let’s Change Japan through Liquidity of Public Servants, Toyo Keizai Shimpo-sha, 2009
  • Handbook on Human Resources Management, JMAM, 2010 (Co-author)


Let’s gather to innovate the societies through ICT

I believe that KIC Innovator course is a wonderful place where many leaders gather to innovate the societies through ICT. I am going to deal with not only with practical skills but also ethics in my lecture.

I experienced very different culture in Egypt at the age of 23, as a diplomatic trainee, when I lived with an Egyptian family. I learned a huge gap between the rich and the poor, Islamic culture, and the way of thinking of Arab people. Even though I had already lived with an American host family for a short time, the experience in Egypt affected me to a great deal. I have visited more than 60 countries and discussed various issues with global leaders.  I look forward to meeting you.

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