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SHIMA, Hisato

SHIMA, Hisato


Developed home network products and related industry standards at Sony Corporation.
One of the key members who developed the home network standards DLNA and copyright protection technology DTCP-IP. Also has rich experience in developing Secure networked products.
Master of Science in Computer Science at Stanford University

Field of study / subjects

  • Information Security
  • Specific Theme Study A
  • Specific Theme Study B



Field of Study / Speciality

  • Network Application
  • Network Service,
  • Network Security


  • Development of home network products
  • Development and standardization of home network protocol DLNA
  • Development and standardization of copyright protection technology DTCP-IP
  • Standardization of IPTV protocol


Understand the backgound of technology

If you just learn a new technology as knowledge, you can only use it as it is.
Since the progress of technologies are very rapid, the latest technology learned in the graduate school also will eventually become obsolete.
It is important to understand the background of the technology, and how various challenges been resolved. By doing so, when you face a new challenges, you will be able to design a new solution by applying the knowledge you have learned.


Prosperous world using the network technology

In recent years, equipment and devices work together and people communicate each others
by using network technologies. Network applications, such as Web Services and SNS, etc. has become commonplace. The combination of smartphone and services on cloud enables us to develop a new innovative service easily.
On the other hand, security and privacy of the computer networks have become an issue.
These negative impact should be minimized using the appropriate technology.
IT technology has been developed to enrich the lives of people. By providing new functionalities and convenience, a new business can be created.
I expect students to challenge the new possibilities by studying in our graduate school.


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